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Marek's love for film was not sparked in a cinema, nor thanks to a camera that was a gift from his father or an old 8mm windup found in his grandfather’s attic. His approach was much broader and indirect – thru Lego.  With no interest of instruction manuals, he utilized the building blocks thru his own imagination, created his own heroes in his own worlds.  To this day, he credits Lego as the source of his directing foundations.  Perhaps this was the reason he didn’t go the traditional and practical route of film school.  Instead his approach was more academic as he opted for film studies at Palacky university, complementing with a journalism degree.

Mark’s first success perfectly illustrates his lifelong love affair with Lego.  An animated collage music video for DVA, where instead of toy blocks he used old magazine cutouts.  The video earned him a victory in the LO-FI category at the 2015 Berlin Music Video Awards.  A year later, he was taken under the wings of production house Bistro Films in Prague.  The relationship took off.  In 2018, Marek was a double winner at Cannes Lions.  A gold in the Young Director’s category for his film Jagrlama, and a bronze in Film Craft for his Post Bellum video.

Mark’s imagination hedges on his sense of humor, strong visuals, and surrealistic elements.  Combining the three in harmony to achieve exciting storytelling with well thought out fictitious worlds.  His mind already editing cuts before a single shot is in the can thanks to his photographic memory.  Besides using his Beautiful Mind for brilliant filmmaking, it can be used as a fun party favor, as he can speak backwards.  So, if you’d like to book Marek for your next script or your next party, please find our contact details below.