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Bram grew up in Antwerp, Belgium, in an artistic family: his father Jan Vanriet is an established artist while his mother Simone Lenaerts is a novelist. This background exposed Bram to many forms of creative expression and let him experimenting with 8mm film at an early age.

Inspired to become a film director by the Italian cinema from sixties and American movies from the seventies, Bram attended Brussels’ LUCA School of Arts and realized a series of short films. He established himself as a globally recognized directorial talent, with award winning work for Belgian Olympic Comity, Ikea, Belgacom, LG, Bounty, Honda and Acura.

His films are driven by a very sensitive and humanistic storytelling. The aesthetic of his commercials is best described as ‘cinematic naturalism’, revealing the poetry in the everyday moments through a deeply personal lens, while capturing genuine and honest performances.