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Heralding from a land of dramatic light and epic natural beauty, these influences are part of the DNA of this award winning Scot’s visually arresting work .  An intuitive Director, Konrad values the life and feeling that spontaneity can breathe into a film and sees a point in every project when what’s on paper must give way to what’s in front of the eye.  His first priority is, always, to curate a stunning and emotionally resonant film in camera, in the moment, irrespective of how much post-production is planned.  

A natural collaborator, Konrad draws on a vastly experienced production network that he matches to the needs of each project.  Speaking with a shared language, the team works seamlessly together, which brings particular advantage to projects of a more challenging nature where, for example, extreme conditions or dangerous stunts may be involved.

Konrad’s work ranges from the sensitive and naturalistic to the highly stylistic but always with an awareness of the human element that makes that connection to its audience. 

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