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Phil Griffin graduated from Ballet Rambert in London as a dancer and choreographer. Joining Belgian Theatre Maker & artist Jan Fabre as the first male dancer of the experimental Troublyen Theatre Labatorium, with who he toured & performed for 4 years

On return to UK Phil worked as principal dancer in the Punk Electronica performance collective Meat Beat Manifesto, cameo’d for DV8 Physical Theatre and choreographed internationally for Dansproduktie, Amsterdam. 

Phil has created visual projects that include, Rihanna Naomi Cambell, Adele, Amy Winehouse, Paul McCartney, Diana Ross, Justin Timberlake, John Bon Jovi, Annie Lennox, Kevin Spacey, Sigourney Weaver & Dame Helen Mirren. Phil has shot films for international brands from American Express, Budweiser, Max Factor, Mandarin Oriental, Grey Goose, GHd and many more.

Whether Its working with Prince Charles & The Princes Trust, collaborating with the United Nations in Greece during the Refugee Crisis or the Usa Network on its 42 million subscriber based Tolerance campaign, story telling and humanity is at the heart of every project.

10 million You Tube viewers tuned in to Phil’s 1 hour Amex Live Concert special – Jay Z at South By South West allowing the audience access to an icon they had never seen.
The Budweiser sponsored original ‘Rhianna: Half Of Me” documentary explored the delicate and inspiring relationship the global superstar has with her Fans. Prince and Phil hijacked Mathew Williamsons’ Spring Fashion week extravaganza and scooped international headlines across all media print online & glossy. A Tribeca film festival collaboration saw Bon Jovi and the paired documentary feature film & companion book: When We Were Beautiful propel a music book into the NY Times top 20 best seller list for the first time in history.
Britney: For the Record took a gentle yet in depth look at the cost of living as a superstar: aired in over 35 countries around the world to an audience of 100 million. 

In 2015 a year long Artist In Residence tenure bought Phil back to Jan Fabre for the feature length Documentary and visual arts exhibition Surrender following the creation of Fabres ground breaking Mount Olympus project exploring the cult of Greek Tragedy

In all these works everything is about exploring new ways of doing things with the old skills of technique & experience leading the way. Unique Collaborations with artists like Fabre Sir Paul McCartney, Prince or actors like Kevin Spacey and global brands such as Budweiser or Amex create an inspiring dialogue between art, commerce and public space.