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London based director Jon Riche loves comedians ! He is a big fan of stand up comedy and is always on top of the new up and coming talent on the circuit.  He cut his teeth shooting music videos for the likes of Kasabian and Moby and has shot commercials for Nissan, Nike, Ikea and many other well-known brands. They say never to work with children or animals but Jon has often worked with both. Usually at the same time! Jon also has a love of puppets and 3D animation both of which often crop up in his work. 

Outside of commercials Jon has directed comedy for the BBC and Ch4 as well as creating the cult kids show 'Big Babies' which he also directed and co-wrote with actor/comedian Spencer Jones. The show went on to receive both audience and critical acclaim and proved to be just as popular with adults as it is with children. BAFTA nominated for best comedy and also nominated for its technical achievements with a Royal Television Society Digital Craft Award ‘Big Babies’ is currently in the process of being developed in the US. 

Along side his commercial work, Jon is currently developing several other TV projects which he promises to be even weirder than his first.