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Luis Gerard was born and raised in Puerto Rico. He has won countless awards internationally for his critically acclaimed work. Luis commercial clients include Ford, Sprint, Honda, Trident, Nissan, Suzuki, Ace, Nike, Gatorade and many many more.

His work is varied in tone and genre. "I like the challenge of doing different things," he said, "but, as a director, visual storytelling is by far the most enjoyable aspect for me." His reel now reflects his very international life - traveling and shooting all over the world on challenging, innovative and interesting jobs that he compliments with edge, style, atmosphere, clever humour and a sophisticated contemporary feel. He has a very individual visual style with a warmth and human touch. He has the great talent of telling a story, building characters and drawing the audience in to his films.

Gerard, who lives between San Juan, LA and London, credits his father with instilling in him a deep love of cinema. "My father is an architect and was not afforded the freedom of attending film school," Gerard related, "so it was important for him to share this love with me and to offer me every opportunity to explore my talent."

While he did not study film formally, Gerard and college classmates made a short film, "Que Sera", that screened at the venice film festival. "This was an experiment in storytelling without dialogue, in black and white," Gerard recalled. "As a follow- up, I wrote another short, that was all dialogue and in color."A CD from top agency Eje/Puerto Rico saw that film and thought Luis could thrive in commercials. His first campaign for that agency was for Levi’s. "A small levi’s campaign," Gerard mused, "but it led to a lot more work." 

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