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MICHAELS & MICHAELS are a directing sister duo from London, bring and effortless and natural style to their work - their attention to detail and quirky observed style and light humor has appealed to many brands including Puma, McDonald's, Kiehls, Burger King, BBC and BT amongst many others. The sisters graduated from St Martin's College majoring in graphic design where Tasha specialized in illustration and Tanya in photography, film and design. Both went on to be accepted by the Royal College of Art where they obtained Masters in Photography, Communication; Design. They made their Directing debuts in the music video arena on promos for Melancholic, Source, Grand Royale , XL Records. Tasha andTanya have also made numerous short films. Their film work landed them nominations as the Best New Directors for the CADs and for the BBC UNDERGROUND 2002 award. In January 2004, CAMPAIGN included an article on Tasha and Tanya in their feature CLASS OF 2004. T and T have worked internationally and have chalked up an impressive array of clients including FALLON, MOTHER, DDB, LEO BURNETT, MCANN ERICKSON, DROGA 5, CRISPIN PORTER and Kessels Kramer.